We work with treatments of cleaning and sanitization of water ducts, water systems, tanks with potable or not water and cooling towers. We carry out rapid and effective interventions in every type of civil and industrial structure.

It is good rule to proceed with the regular sanitization and disinfection of the waters in order to guarantee an high level of hygiene in the water systems.

The lack of a proper maintenance of the water systems causes the development of viruses and bacteria. To Sanitize and disinfect tanks and autoclaves is essential to prevent the formation of mold, micro-organisms and bacteria, such as the legionella. The microbial water pollution can become a vehicle for dangerous pathogens for the human health.
Sanificazione serbatoi acqua

Custom services to prevent, handle and solve the Legionella problem in water systems.

The water sanitization against the contamination risk.

Water resource management is regulated by D. Lgs 31/2001 (Attuation of the regulation 98/83/CE regarding the quality of waters for human use) that points the limits of the biological, chemical and physical parameters.
Actually the regulation clarifies that the waters for the human use must be clean and healthy, they must not contain micro-organisms and parasites, neither other substances, in quantities and concentrations that represent a potential danger for human health.

Hiclean operates in compliance with current legislation and follows the guide lines to control the legionellosis and the risk in the water supply chain for human consumption.
Thanks to its professional team, Hiclean can sanitize the water systems by removing any potential danger. Hiclean follows the whole cleaning and sanitizing process of the water systems, from the analysis and assessment of the problem to the implementation of the interventions, up to periodic and functional monitoring.

Water sanitization procedure.

The decontamination treatment includes cleaning operations and water sanitization, analytical checks pre and post intervention, to guarantee the water quality.

The method of intervention shall be assessed and decided on each occasion after inspection and study of the systems.

• Inspection and study of the systems

• Water sampling with analysis performed by accredited laboratories (pre and post treatment)

• Cleaning, water decontamination and sanitization of water systems, with suitable and appropriate tools and methods

• Certification of the occurred sanitization, complete with technical report and register of the interventions.

Hiclean performs sanitization services of water systems in any structure.
For example:

Civil and industrial installations

Call center

Hospitals and health residences

Shopping centers

Condominiums and residences

Hotels and tourist facilities