Sanitization of air conditioning:
- aeraulic ducts
- air treatment units

A correct and periodic environmental sanitization and decontamination of aeraulic systems reduces the rysk of bacterial contaminations and propagation of viruses and pathogens that can be dangerous for our health.


The neglect and lack of hygienic maintenance of the air ducts causes the microbial transport and therefore the disease transmission.

The sanitization of aeraulic systems with Hiclean is safe and ecological.

Cleaning, disinfection, sterilization of the air conditioning.

We perform cleaning operations, disinfection and sterilization of air conditioning for any type of structure or production sector. Thanks to our treatments we restore the quality of the air and the health of indoor environments, effectively preventing the proliferation of muds, bacteria and viruses. We operate to purify and sanitize the indoor air and make environments not only more livable but also safer.

Indoor air sanitization procedure

The techniques of cleaning up the air ducts involve the use of an aspirator and rotating mechanical brushes connected to a flexible cable, that allow to remove dust particles and other sediments in total safety and with excellent results. The procedure of sanitization does not damage the internal surfaces of the aeraulic systems and happens in a controlled way through a system of video-inspection. After cleaning the system, follows the disinfection with the application of a biocidal product.

Hiclean works following the methods, the protocol AIISA/NADCA ACR 2013, and uses certificated and high quality products.
Indeed we guarantee a result of proven efficacy for the cleaning and sanification of aeraulic systems. We promote the improvement of the Indoor Air Quality and the energy saving in the current management of plants.

The main risks

Discover the risks that your company can take with an inappropriate hygienic management of your air system.

Today has become indispensable for your personal well-being to have the guarantee to live in an hygienic environment free from chemical and biological contaminants. For this reason, targeted interventions of maintenance of the aeraulic systems should be carry out regularly to prevent serious damages for the health. The microbial transport occurs by inhalation.


The main risks in absence of a proper decontamination and sanitization of the air conditioning are:

Systems sanitization procedure.

Our professionals will provide the decontamination and monitoring of the aeraulic systems for an improvement of the indoor air quality.

The procedure of sanitization of the air executed by Hiclean, provides a specific process carried out by competent and trained technicians.

The regulations in force require a proper hygienic maintenance of the air treatment systems.

Not respecting them can create serious legal problems. Furthermore the installations that are not properly maintained are very inefficient from the energetic and economic point of view because they cause a constant lack of money.

• Check list for the visual inspection
• Video inspection of the aeraulic ducts and registration made with a video-robot
• Pre-treatment and post-treatment dust sampling, surfaces and condansed water with analysis made by accredited laboratories (certified ACCREDIA)
• Cleaning with proper systems and sanitization of the installations and air duct with certified tools
• Certification of the occurred sanitization, complete with technical report and register of the interventions.

HHiclean performs sanitization services of aeraulic systems in any structure.
For example:

Industrial installations

Call Center

Hospital and health residences

Shopping centers

Offices and business centers

Hotels and tourist facilities