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Service of cleaning and sanitization of
aeraulic and water systems.

Service of cleaning and sanitization of
aeraulic and water systems.

We operate in the field of cleaning, sanitization and hygiene of air ducts, sanitary and storage water tanks, leaving clean and healthy ducts for Your customers and Your staff.

Sanitizing aeraulic systems helps to improve the air quality and prevents the onset of diseases.

The cleanup of the ventilation ducts is a legal obligation that assigns the responsibility for health in working environments to the Employer.

The microbial transport by inhalation seriously endangers the health of those who live and work in environments with controlled ventilation.

Main biological risks in the environment:

  • Legionellosis
  • Eye and respiratory irritation.

The routine maintenance of air ducting systems (as change of air filters in UTA, split, fancoil, ecc..) always is not enough to effectively counteract the proliferation of chemical and biological contaminants.

To sanitize the air we follow the AIISA/NADCA ACR 2013 directives.

The lack of proper maintenance of water supply causes a microbial water pollution that may become a vehicle for dangerous pathogenic micro-organisms such as:

  • Pseudomonas
  • Enterococcal infections
  • Legionellosis

The adoption of a sanitization program guarantees the prevention thanks to an innovative approach regarding the water resource and the health protection.

Our technicians will follow the whole cleaning process of the water pipes: from the analysis and assessment of the problem to the implementation of the interventions, up to periodic and functional monitoring. Hiclean performs water disinfection treatments in the private and domestic hydraulic installations but also cleaning of cisterns and tanks.

Structures and sectors in which we operate

We carry out the sanitization of offices, nursing homes, clinics, hotels, canteens, shipyards, sport facilities, farms, agriculture, hospital structures, private homes and pools.

  • Civil and industrial installations
  • Hospitals
  • Civil and military ships
  • Hotels and tourist facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Offices
  • Call Center