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Sanitization of aeraulic and water systems

Production of ozonizers

The OZOPRO line consists of ozone generators that offer the maximum flexibility, efficiency and efficacy for many applications in the field of the environmental sanitization. It is completely designed and realized by us.

They are easy to use as they work in absolute autonomy thanks to the simple programming of the timer.

They can sanitize small and big indoor environments.

Why You should use ozone

Ozone is recognised by the Ministry of Health as a natural resource to sterilize the contaminated environments.

Ozone guarantees a radical sanitization and cleaning. It acts in air and water sterilizing and sanitizing in an absolutely ecological way without the aid of chemicals. It has a powerful antibacterial, anti-mold and antiparasitic action. For these reasons it is largely used in the industry to disinfect environments, water, food products and equipments.

Service of cleaning and sanitization of aeraulic and water systems.

Our target
Sanitization and cleaning of